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Learning to adjudicate

Added on by Helen Nicholson.

Post written by: Erin Walcon

It's been a week since Helen and I attended the GoDA (Guild of Drama Adjudicators) training day up at the Swan Theatre in Worcester.  What a fascinating day!  We were part of a group of about 20 participants, all of whom came from diverse backgrounds - education, public sector, business, professional theatre, medicine, you name it.  

The day was led by Colin Dolley, and hosted by Chris Jaeger (Worcester Live & the Swan Theatre).  

I particularly enjoyed watching the one-act play 'The Teacher' and the adjudication process that occurred in small groups after that event.  The conversations about stagecraft, costumes, scenic design, directing, and acting were fascinating, especially the ways in which such dialogue then had to be translated into numerical scores and a winner determined.