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A Day in the Life

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Post written by Erin Walcon

Calling all amateur theatre groups! Please send us a postcard...

A Day in the Life at TOADS Little Theatre, Torquay - in the wardrobe

Across the UK, thousands of amateur dramatics groups are involved in set construction, rehearsals, fundraisers, tea mornings, board meetings, and youth groups.  We'd like to capture what a day in the life of your organisation looks like.  

Please send us a postcard (real or digital) with a photo of your theatre or rehearsal space or group meeting today (anything you like), and a few lines describing what's happening today.  We're calling this open invitation A Day in the Life, and we hope to receive many of them!  

We'll gladly post any postcards we receive on our blog, and look forward to hearing from you!  

Digital postcards can be emailed to amdramaresearch@gmail.com.  

Print postcards can be sent to:

Department of Drama, University of Exeter
New North Road
Exeter EX4 4LA  
United Kingdom

Today, I popped by TOADS Little Theatre in Torquay to see what they're up to on a quiet Monday and found the place buzzing with activity!  

Wardrobe fittings and set construction were in full swing, and I got another peek at their extensive costume stores - what an impressive collection! 

Maybe there's no such thing as a quiet Monday here? Let us know what a Monday afternoon looks like for your amateur dramatics group - we'd love to see it!