Welcome to the website of our two research projects, the first fully funded academic studies of amateur theatre in the UK.

Community & Place

Why do people invest their time in amateur dramatics?  What kinds of communities emerge within amateur dramatics?  How do those communities relate or engage with the larger communities in which they are placed?  

In this part of the research we are thinking about the different forms that participation takes within amateur dramatics organisations.  What motivates and sustains people who participate for long periods of time, or who invest their own energy, resources, and passion into such groups?  How does amateur theatre contribute to a sense of belonging and a sense of place?

 What brought you there first, and what keeps you involved now?  

Where do amateur theatre groups rehearse and perform? Why do you use these spaces?  Have the venues you use changed over time?

We are asking groups what role amateur theatre plays in supporting village, school, memorial and church halls, theatre buildings, and other communal spaces.  We are interested in the audiences who come to see amateur theatre, and what amateur theatre contributes to the social and cultural life of communities across England.

What do you think is the contribution of your group to the places and communities where you perform? Do contact us, and let us know.